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Locker features for both Power Bank and Power Guard products


Each compartment on either the 6 – 8 – 12 or market leader 16 has 13 amp BS 1363. un-switched socket outlet. Note each door has an earth connection to BS 7430.


Both Locker ranges have a IEC60320 C13 plug for ease of power connection, the corresponding IEC60320 C14 coupler has a unique patented catch to prevent accidental dis-connection from the mains supply.      


Each locker comes with a FREE adaptor to change from the 3 pin RCD plug to a 16 amp round IEC 60309 CEE Form connector. The RCD trip remains in-circuit for added protection of the user.


Available as an optional extra is the unique and robust “Power Cube” adaptor giving the user additional outlets and 2 x USB charger ports.


Both locker ranges has a zero cost option pad-lockable hasp with a FREE combination lock or padlock, which is specified when ordering. 


Coin return drop locks are very popular, we only fit the market leader Ojmar the invest made is rewarded with years of trouble free service.  SitepowerUK will provide a FREE REPLACEMENT key service per lock for the first 12 months of ownership.


Compartments are spacious in the 450mm deep versions, enough room for chargers, power tools, phones and the occasional hard hat.

Each compartment is fully ventilated from the side and on twin lockers the doors provide ample cooling air. Most devices such as power tool and mobile device chargers are cool running.

16a-13amp adaptor (2).png
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